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Remodeling Insurance Claims

We Provide Best Remodeling Insurance Claims In North Richland Hills, TX

Home insurance often covers remodeling costs if it is done after significant house damage. The damage could be due to natural calamity like a hail storm, or tornado, flood, etc, or it could be due to unnatural causes like a house fire. North Richland Hills Remodeling ensures that the renovation scope is covered by the insurance policy. It should adhere to the roofing industry’s construction and repair standards, which include plans, specifications, codes, laws, and regulations. We will provide you with clear and complete information about what is and is not covered by the plan so that you can make informed decisions. Storm damage to roofs, gutters, siding, and windows can all be covered fully or partially by homeowners insurance.

Contact North Richland Hills Renovations to come out and inspect your property if you believe your roof or property has been damaged by a storm. You are not filing a claim at this point; instead, you are inspecting for damage before initiating the insurance claim process. We offer a no-cost, no-obligation inspection of your home or business with North Richland Hills Renovations to determine the appearance and likelihood of damage. Then, with the help of a contractor you’ve chosen, schedule an inspection. This is something you should do before filing a claim. It’s possible that the damage isn’t as severe as you think. Do not file a claim until hail damage has been verified to keep your record clean and avoid premium increases. We can review your policy with you and determine whether your loss will exceed your deductible. Filing a claim may not be in your best interest if it is less than or close to your insurance deductible.

What We Do?

If the scope of your contractor’s repairs necessitates filing an insurance claim, do so. To approve and process your claim, your insurance company will send an adjuster to inspect your roof.This is a good time to go over your policy documents and make sure you know what your policy covers and how much your deductible is.

As your contractor, we will be able to represent your needs and attend the adjuster meeting if you request it. In most cases, the field adjuster performs his inspection and then passes his findings on to a desk adjuster. The field adjuster will determine approval or denial of the insurance claim on the spot at this point in the process.

Your point of contact will be your Account Manager. Details such as shingle selection, warranty selection, and any ancillary repair items to be included in the scope of repairs should all be collected before repairs begin. Payment will be made directly to you by your insurance company. You will be responsible for paying the contractor for the repairs as well as the deductible. Your insurance company will want proof that the repairs were completed. North Richland Hills Renovations will provide you with any information you require. Roof replacement flashing around vent stacks, specifically furnace flue pipes and water heater flue pipes, can become unintentionally disconnected in the attic area during storm damage.

Why Choose Us?

North Richland Hills Renovations takes every precaution to keep homeowners safe during roof replacement. North Richland Hills Renovations’ trained in-house foreman inspects all flue pipes after the storm damage roof replacement is completed. As an added precaution, North Richland Hills Renovations hires a licensed HVAC subcontractor to conduct a thorough inspection of the attic area to ensure that all flue pipe connections are secure and that the roof is properly ventilated. As an added precaution, North Richland Hills Renovations include a free carbon monoxide detector with every storm roof replacement.

By preparing an estimate or a scope of loss, most insurance companies value a loss and make a settlement offer. Typically, an adjuster from the insurance company will inspect the property and interview the insured. Insurance companies make settlement offers based on loss estimates or scopes.

You, the insured, can prepare an independent scope of repairs or hire a claim or construction professional to do so, and then compare it to the insurance company’s scope. Some insurance adjusters prepare scopes themselves, while others hire outside contractors to do so. We can assist you with an Independent Scope of Repair. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours if you contact us.

A clear and comprehensive insurance claim scope of repair aids a property owner in obtaining a fair, complete, and timely insurance claim settlement and avoiding “lowballing.” When an insurance company’s offer of what they will pay to repair your home is LESS THAN WHAT IT WILL COST YOU, this is known as “low-balling.” Unless you have the construction expertise to assess whether the scope of work/materials and cost assigned to those items in the insurance company’s offer are accurate, hiring a third party is a necessary tool.

Our scope of repairs fills in the gaps in the insurance claim scope of loss caused by missed repair items. Photos, diagrams, and a breakdown of construction trades and materials are frequently included in our detailed scope of repairs. The work that needs to be done to comply with the local building codes in the area will be specified in a complete scope of repairs.

In most cases, the insurance company will make a settlement offer to repair your home after it has been damaged by wind, storm, or hail. This offer could be based on a loss evaluation. It makes no difference what the label says. What matters is that it is accurate and comprehensive. The more information you provide about your home before it was lost, the more accurate the offer will be.

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North Richland Hills Renovations ensures that the scope of repairs identified by our client’s insurer complies with plans, specifications, codes, laws, rules, regulations, and roofing industry standards for workmanship. Using an independent scope of repair to negotiate with your insurance company has the advantage of providing more detail about the scope of work to be done and its associated costs.


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